R.J. Engineering Works established in 1981 has been serving its customers immediate requirements in the field of textile machinery parts, The company has been continuously and constantly supporting its clients working hand in hand and thereby upgrading its business activities in the field of textile machinery parts to meet the current changing trends and the market standards to stay ahead of its competitors.

At R.J. Engineering Works, Research and development is an ongoing process R.J Engineering Works believes in continuously upgrading infrastructure thereby providing lasting value to customers and by always maintaining quality in production, R.J Engineering Works has been enjoying mounting demands from clients and has been able to establish a client base throughout India and also is extending its business activities into the Asia, Africa markets. 

  1. R.J. Engineering Works offers a wide range of spares for all models of Spares for Auto coner machine No.107, 138 & 238,338 (CBF Type)

  2. Spares for Murata Mach coner Machine No.7II, . 7V CBF (continued Bobbin feeder) Magazine type Cone Winding

  3. Spares for Murata TFO.

  4. Spares for Nova Pignone weaving machineTP 300-400-50, T-3 Spare for Sulzer machine. Circular Looms.

  5. Spares for Somet Ac 2 S, and Thima 11

  6. Spare for Savio Winding Machine

  7. Zincer Ring Frame

  8. Wamatex weaving machine

  9. Picanol Rapier and Air jet

  10. Carding Machine Accessories for cotton and woolen

  11. T-Sudokoma Air-Jet Looms Spares

  12. All types of Nylon, Plastic, Backelite, Polycarbonate,

  13. Polyurethene & Rubber part, all type of backelite , MOS plastic

  14. metallic Drum for savio wdg., Yarn Guid and Key., Plastic Cam (Drum)

  15. All types of Gears & Wheels as per your drawing and specification. (As per Sample)

The company has the required trained technical staff and infrastructure to manufacture the most accurate parts confirming to international standards of Quality and Reliability. 


|| Somet Ac2/s Looms Spares || Nova Pignone TP-3, TP-300 Spares || Picanol Air Jet Pat-A, Pat-W Spares ||
|| T Sudokoma ZA-200, ZA-205 Spares || Auto Coner Model 138, 238, 338 Spares ||
|| Murata Mach Coner Spares || Murata TFO Spares || Carding Machine Spares || Zincer Ring Frame Spares ||
|| Volkman TFS Pink || Volkman VTS 08 ||

R. J. Engineering Works
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